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Building Bridges to bring our nation together

The Diaspora does not exist as a thinking entity; there isn’t any unified body which takes the responsibility of important subjects such as the recognition of the Genocide, which the Prime Minister suggested we, the Diaspora, take charge of. It is important to gather, constitute an agenda with the priorities and the timeline of its items and envisage the necessary resources. Subjects such as safeguarding the Armenian properties in Jerusalem, the destiny of the strategically important communities in the Middles East, the advancement of the community in Ukraine which numbered 600 000 before the war, are raised without anyone taking charge.

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Why is the Diaspora silent?


Armenia-Diaspora relations are not what they used to be, and the issue is about thinking, understanding, strengthening of statehood, national image, sticking to rights, understanding, listening and getting understood.
Is the Diaspora silent on Armenia’s account? Is the Diaspora silent in order not to deepen the division? Is the Diaspora quiet because of disappointment?
The silence of the Diaspora should concern the state of Armenia.

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